Smoke & Mirrors

Advanced House Media are always looking to explore alternative marketing to capture the imagination of the target audience, branding the Smoke & Mirrors event allowed us to do just that. We created a fun feel to the main branding of the event using natural textures across a circus & funfair theme, delivered largely through a family of interesting digitally illustrated characters, including The Ringmaster, Clown, Strongman, Lion, Dancing Girl and Fortune Teller.

In order to make the event more engaging we translated the characters through to alternative marketing, such as Face Swap vinyl's applied to bathroom mirrors, Geolocation Snap Chat filter overlays of the characters and a Freakshow Photobooth for social selfies using illustrated props taken from the characters. All of which was designed to grow and share the social interaction and following.


Further to the standard flyer formats, various banners and posters, we also produced a magical invitation for the event using thermochromic ink overlays, which meant one side of the invitation was black, revealing itself with the warmth of your hands holding and rubbing the card. This delivered an incredible taking point and the showmanship expected inline with the theme of the event.